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November 22, 2010


Defensive Cycling

Personally I take all these reports with a large pinch of salt. They're not scientific despite creating certain metrics to conduct a measurement. for a start an indivdual's stress levels are unique to that individual and are caused by a multitude of factors, some real some perceived. I don't know how you would measure the stress levels of a city.
I agree with you that cycling is a great stress reducer. I've been cycling for over thirty years and I know it keeps my stress levels down. At the height of my stresful period in life (three kids, a dog and mortgage and 12 hour shifts just to keep our heads above the water) I would get on my bike and cycle for hours through back country lanes. When I got back I was happy as a pig in you know what.
My wife would wave a bill under my nose and I'd say "No problem, I'll sort that out, one of the kids would say "Dad can I have...."
I'd reply "No problem, I'll get you one"
Cycling is the cure for many of all our ills. We was out with some friends a while ago when one of them said to me; "Paul if you had to give your bike up or your wife what would you do?" I excused myself and went to the toilet.

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