> Doug goes to work

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You're kidding....this is your managing parter?.......riiiight.
me and my hybrid......I use this in bad weather and a road bike when it's dry
I take my bike up and down the elevator of the Fifth Third building......every day the lobby of the Fifth Third Center
Billy and Doug.......Bill used to own this building and he says my spandex classes up the joint
Olentangy River just south of the the wetlands
the brand spanking new Lane Avenue suspension bridge
I don't know why this caught my attention
"Forever Alava Puki"....hmmm......sounds like a song. I wonder what rhymes with "Puki?"
Fishing buddies along the Olentangy River on my way home on the bikepath
Doug and MaryJo
2007 National Ride Your Bike to Work Week Group Ride
Battelle Tall Stack
View of the Olentangy River from the bikepath just south of Battelle
Bikers ride to the planning meeting for the Bicentennial Bikeway Plan
Riding in the snow on February 21, 2007
Me, Mike and Mary Ellen.....lots of love following the Mayor's pledge of $50 million for bikeways
View of TBDBITL from the bikepath on my way home after dark
Me and 2 of Columbus' fittest
More night-time TBDBITL
Election Day 2007.....amazingly the wind blew down only the Repbulicans' campaign signs
Eva, Kelly, Jeff, Brad and others work on the Bicentennial Bikeway Plan
It took 2 months to demolish the Ohio was built to last.......longer than 50 years
Another photo of TBDBITL at night from the bikepath
2007 Opening Day Ride.....Eva and Jeff enjoy coffee at Urban Coffee before we shove off
We take our other twowheelers (Harleys) to Sturgis every other year......a view of the Badlands
Don't tell my mom.......
Can you believe that this little guy powers all of Battelle?
Sturgis 2007.......beam me up, Scottie!